We always commit to the rapid development of replacing steel and copper by aluminum, to promote light weighting of automobile, rail traffic, aerospace materials, by which to save energy, reduce emission and protect ecological environment of the earth.

We developed a number of advanced technologies on smelting production, equipments and processing, and provided valuable experience and technologies on energy consumption and metal loss for our industry partners, promoted the development of Chinese Al-Si-Mg casting alloy technology and recycling technology of recycled resources.

Win more in virtue than resourcefulness. Lizhong Group undertook its responsibility on active performing of social responsibilities, law obeying management, legal taxes paying, providing of disaster relief and relief to the needy, protection of employee’s income etc.

Environment Protection 

We regard environment protection as our social responsibility, use various renewable metal resources efficiently, realized energy saving, resource utilization and discharging reaching required standard. Currently, the group utilizes renewable metal over 300,000 tones annually, reduces production resource consumption of global original metal and pollution emission, reduces ore mining about 3.3 millions tones, emission of carbon dioxide about 240,000 tones, emission of sulfur dioxide about 180,000 tones, solid waste about 6 millions tones, saves water about 6.6 millions square meters, saves electrical about 4200 millions kWh. 5 enterprises of the group have passed through the Aluminum Industry Norms Conditions Notice for recycled aluminum of National Ministry of Industry and Information.

Solve the employment problem, donate with love

The group integrated into the local society actively, participated in public welfare undertakings, engaged in compassion, participated donation for major nature disasters at company headquarters, nationwide and in some countries of the world, accepted laid off workers, accepted ex-servicemen, participated the activities such as poverty alleviation, helping disabled, and helping poor students, and gained praise from local government and the public.