Lizhong Alloy Group, founded in 1984, is an enterprise group which focus on R&D and manufacture of aluminum casting alloy and wrought aluminum alloy. The products are applied mainly in automobile, high-speed rail, electrical and electric, aerospace, shipping, military industry etc.. After development over 30 years, Lizhong Group owns 11 member enterprises which locate in Baoding and Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province, Tianjin Economy and Technical Development Zone, Guangzhou and Qingyuan of Guangdong Province, Yantai of Shandong Province, Changchun of Jilin Province etc. 7 of them locate close to the customer’ plants and can provide directly aluminum alloy liquid products.  

Group size: With capacity of aluminum casting alloy and wrought aluminum alloy 800,000 tones, over 200 alloys, 1800 employees, and production and sales volume in 2015 over 700,000 tones.

Group' Development planning objectives is to reach 1 million tones of production and sales volume in 2020.

Asset size: Till end of 2015, total asset reaches 5,200 million Yuan, total registered capital 1,200 million Yuan.

Technical strength of the Group: In the year 2004 Technical Research Center has been set up, which established a stable long-term cooperation relationships with some famous institutions and professional scientific research institutions such as Metal Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Hebei University of Technology, Purdue University in USA, Gifu University in Japan. Our research team formed by highly qualified and well trained staff undertakes the R&D of new products, new technology and national science and technical projects.

Lizhong Group has R&D institutes and platforms which include 3 provincial Technical Research Centers, 1 provincial Light Metal Alloy Material Industry Technology Research Institute, 2 Academician Workstations, and 1 National Accreditation Laboratory. A number of R&D projects of “National 863 Program”, International Science and Technical Cooperation Program, Key New Products Program, Torch Program, Provincial Key Achievements Transformation Program, Science and Technology Support Program have been undertaken. Over 100 national level or international level achievements and over 200 enterprise proprietary technologies have been achieved.

Lizhong Alloy Group has registered 17 corporate logos and product trademarks. The main used corporate logos is “ ”. Product trademarks is “AOEM”.

In order to promote the technical progress of the industry and the process of National Standardization, we actively hosted and participated in formulation and revision of a number of national and industry standards, such as GB/T 1173-2013 “Aluminum Casting Alloy”, GB/T 23301-2009 “Aluminum Casting Alloys for Automobile Wheels”, GB/T 31203-2014 “Aluminum Alloy Wheel Casting Parts for Passenger Cars”, GB/T 5678-2013 “Sampling Method of Spectrometer Analysis for Aluminum Casting Alloys”.

After development of over 30 years, Lizhong Alloy Group always actively undertakes society responsibilities. We invested huge funds in production equipments, work environments, environmental protection equipments, and maintain. In the aspects of mechanization and automation, the production efficiency indicators, environmental indicators etc. we have maintained a leading position in the industry. Currently 5 enterprises of the group have passed through the Aluminum Industry Norms Conditions Notice for recycled aluminum of National Ministry of Industry and Information.

We insist the enterprise spirit “Strive more, Cooperate more”, and the artisan spirit “Lizhong Alloy, refining in the heart ”, commit to promoting the recycling of nonferrous metal for China and the world, and the development of replacing steel, copper and wood by aluminum, to contribute for energy saving and environmental protection of humankind.