Standardization Technical Committee of Lizhong Group was established, to promote technical progress of Chinese industry. We drafted or participated in the drafting of 8 national and industry standards, including GB/T 23301-2009 “Aluminum Casting Alloy for Automobile Wheels”, GB/T 1173-2013 “Aluminum Casting Alloy”, GB/T 5678-2013   “Sampling Method of Spectrometer Analysis for Aluminum Casting Alloys”, GB/T 31203-2014 “Wheels Casting Parts for Passenger Vehicles”, GB/T8733-2016 “Aluminum Casting Alloy Ingot”, JB/T7946.3-2016 “Aluminum Casting Alloy Metallographic: Aluminum Casting Alloy Pinhole”, JB/T7946.1-2016 “Aluminum Casting Alloy Metallographic: Al-Si Casting Alloy Modification”, national standard “The Classification of Aluminum Casting Alloy Waste, Recycling and Utilization”. Meanwhile, a number of enterprise technical standards have also been drafted.