Lizhong Alloy Group rewarded for the scientific and technological achievements in 2014.
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Recently, Lizhong Alloy Group released documents to reward for the scientific and technological achievements in 2014 (No.321, October of 2015). According to the relevant provisions from the Group Regulation No.7 of 2015 “Inspiration and Rewards Methods for Scientific and Technology Achievements”, Group Technical Research Center summarizes the achievements declared by the subordinate companies and rectified the qualification. Group Management Center, Technical Research Center and relevant experts carried out the evaluation on 59 scientific and technological achievements from external Group which certificate were gained in 2014 according to the use value and their contribution, including the scientific and technological achievements progress awards, identification of scientific and technological achievements, patent acceptance, authorization of utility models and patent of invention, national or industry standards, published papers. Through discussion and approval of Group board of directors, total prize of about 100,000 Yuan were released according to the awards regulation.

Board of directors and the Group called the subordinate companies and Technical Research Center for active development, striving to achieve more, well doing in innovation and R&D work, creating more high and new, and practical scientific and technological achievements, speeding up the transformation of achievements, to promote further the market development and product sales of the subordinate companies, and keep the pioneer position of the Group in the industry.  

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