After 30 years of focus development, Lizhong Alloy Group’s products cover 4 kinds of aluminum casting alloy, 7 series of wrought aluminum alloy, over 200 product brands including national standard, American standard, Europe standard, and Japanese standard etc.. In 2003 we started the sales of aluminum alloy liquid products through a medium or long distance transportation. It was the initiative in China. Till 2015, the sales of aluminum alloy liquid exceeded 50% of total sales. We have rational raw material structure and product structure, with proportion of pure aluminum, half-pure aluminum and recycled aluminum of 40%, 30% and 30% respectively, which can meet the requirements of all customers.  

       Lizhong Alloy has advanced technology and processing, and good product quality. Based on our over 200 independent developed patent technologies and over 100 proprietary technologies, advanced equipments, state of the art testing and analysis facilities, and rich production management experience, technology content and overall quality of our products exceed the domestic and international advanced level.

       1. With unified composition, compact structure, high purity and good liquidity, aluminum casting alloy ingots are ideal aluminum alloy materials for precision casting.

       2. High temperature resistant aluminum casting alloy products with high standard high temperature lasting strength, creep resistance, good thermal stability, are the preferred raw materials for special vehicle engine cylinder block and cylinder head.

       3. High strength aluminum alloy casting rods for forging with unified composition, high purity, fine grain size, compact structure, and advanced uniform heat treatment technology, are the special materials for domestic forging aluminum alloy safety parts of automobile, and Chinese military products preferred alloy materials.  

       4. Combined with our functional master alloy technology, aluminum casting alloy technology, and aluminum alloy wheel technology, to develop products according to customer’s  special technical quality requirements, is the technical advantage of Lizhong Alloy Group.