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Recycling Processing Business

The companies of Lizhong Alloy Group owns various advanced production and processing equipments, rich recycling and processing management experiences, recycle the aluminum scrape from the production process of customers and non-customers.  

1. Customer’s aluminum alloy scrape or waste processing, same grade recycling

2. Establish long-term stable evaluating way procurement linked to aluminum ingot price of the exchange.

3. Participate the public bidding sales of industry scrape producers.

Purchasing of Raw and Auxiliary Materials

     Essential information
Enterprise name Address
Legal person Fax Phone Zip code
Technical directer Phone Contacts Phone
Supply product
     Enterprise general situation
Enterprise nature
Total number of employees Fixed assets Gross annual output value
     Technical assurance
Total number of technical personnel Senior staff mid-level staff Primary staff
      Development capability: Y      
      1、The supplier is able to solve all the problems in the development process independently?
      2、If not, what activities should be carried out?
     Quality assurance system
      1、Quality system conditions:
      ①Establish a documented quality system     ②Through the ISO9000 certification    ③Through the TS16949 certification    ④Through the VDA6.1 certification    ⑤Documented quality system is not established
      2、Does the supplier have applicable laboratory equipment? Y      
      3、Which experimental equipment must be added?
      4、Whether there is a special metering mechanism? Y      
     Main processing equipment      Main test equipment
ADD     ADD    
     Traffic and energy dynamics
     Capacity analysis
     Source of raw materials / accessories
Verification Code