Talent Strategy

Lizhong Group insists always people-oriented.

Respect employees, be grateful to employees is Lizhong̒s enterprise culture. Put the suitable person to the suitable position, is the main responsibility of our human resources management. We will give you a suitable platform corresponding to your capability.  

Career Paths

In order to let every employee gain recognizing and fair treatment, we set up 3 career paths. There is always one suitable for you, to realize your life values.


“To shape Lizhong’s people first, then to produce Lizhong’s products” is our basis to create hundred-year enterprise. We established not only an all-embracing professional training system, but also systematic on-the-job training, paid full-time training, and half-time training, to create more technical and management talents, realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.  

Compensation and Benefits

We know that employees are the first element of the business development. To provide more reasonable compensation and benefits, and pay five social insurance and one housing fund, is fundamental to employee stability. Each subordinate company of the group has comfortable staff canteen, dormitory and all kind of entertainment facilities, to meet the needs of work and living. Besides, we have also subsidies for educational background and technical post title, holiday gifts, annual physical examination, benefits for the needy, these make our compensation and benefits keep a higher level in the local market and industry.  

Employees Activities