Recruitment requirements releasing --> Resume hurled --> Resume screening --> Interview organizing --> Offer sending --> Probation inspection

Detailed Content

Recruitment requirements releasing

Recruitment requirements of Lizhong Alloy Group will be released in followings way:

Besides, all the recruitment information can be checked in Lizhong Alloy Group.

2、Resume hurled

The applicant can hurl their resumes according to the released required positions. The resumes to the not released positions, will be put into our talent database.

3、Resume screening

On working days, the recruiting director will update the released recruitment information everyday, and conduct preliminary screening. Within 10 working days after resume sent out, we will inform the candidates who fulfill the qualifications coming to an interview.  

4、Interview organizing

The candidates who get interview invitation shall come to the interview on time. According to the position difference, there are different kind of interview such as written test, preliminary test, the second interview. The candidates who come to interview for the first time shall bring followings:

a. A carbon pen or a ballpoint pen with blue or black color.  

b. Original graduate certificate and its copy (the candidates with bachelor’s degree or above shall also bring their certificate of degree and its copy).

c. Other qualification certificates (such as certificate of professional title, English grading certificate, computer grading certificate, accounting certificate etc. )

d. Identification card and its copy

5、Offer informing

We will inform the candidates who pass the interview within 5 working days after interview by phone or message. The candidates who do not get phone or message are regarded as not pass the interview. Their resume will be put into talent database. We will contact them when we have suitable positions later. 

For new graduates who pass the interview shall send the three-party agreement to us within 5 working days (personal information and company information need be fulfilled completely). When the three-party agreement is not sent within 5 working days and without any explain, the candidates will be regarded as giving up the offer.

6、Probation inspection

The candidates who pass the interview shall come to report for duty at the appointed time informed through phone, massage or e-mail. Without any special reasons, the ones who do not show up at the appointed time will be regards as giving up the job.

The entrants will have a probation time from 2 or 3 months according to different positions. Within this period, the entrants shall attend training or practice. When they pass the examination at the end, they become formal employee. The entrants who fail the examination shall lengthen the probation time or dissolve the contract.